Sunday, January 13, 2008

{Creative} TO DO List

{NOTE: Since there's no one stopping in here yet, we're going to pretend dear future readers, that I haven't been gone at all...}

Hey all (by all I of course mean! I've started sewing again, amazingly, and the anxiety that I'd associated with it for months just sorta washed away one day, it's disappearance associated with the finding of a lovely vintage bench. Our neighbors up the street moved out months ago but apparently had some things left in their garage and I spotted the bench from down the road and convinced my mom, who loves this kinda thing as well, to tote the heavy fucker down my way. It now rests outside and today, after the completion of the second cushion, The Bug and I are lugging the thing in the house to recover. In the future I'm sure this will make our house guests super happy as they won't have to fight for one of three chairs in the living room. This will also, no doubt, please The Bug, as he will no longer have to fight off grown-ups who have the audacity to rest their asses in HIS chair. Everyone's happy...and I'm finally working (in some way, shape, or form)!
Also, this year's {Creative} TO DO List needs to be taken care of, or at the very least started, and I figure if it's posted here I may have an easier time holding myself accountable for all the little bulleted tasks I'm gonna add to it. Here goes kids:
  • Get Homegrown (& the Bug) up and running. The store sits vacant now but soon friends, soon!
  • New graphics for the store. Don't get me wrong, I love the trees but seriously, must I always be so morose?!
  • Mom needs a banner! When she opens Granny Vine Yarn Co. (a feat I'm amazed that I've talked her into) she'll need graphics too so I'm piling that on the plate as well...
  • The aforementioned reupholstering of the vintage couch (which, if I can continue to stay motivated, should be done in the next couple days).
  • Julie's wedding gifts - alright alright, I figure there's a small chance the girl might happen upon this blog but I totally want to detail this project...however I shall wait. I can say that I've got a great idea from The Purl Bee blog for her shower gift and the wedding gift is hopefully going to be something that will remind her of where she's been the last two years...
  • Learn to embroider, just like Amy Ray.
Knowing me, and I do dear friends, that's enough to cover me for now. Of course I've got long term goals (to be published again, to run another successful store, to meet Lotta) but for now that should be enough to tide me over. Until next time friends (and that 'next time' will be soon, I promise) I'll tide you over with some things I've been obsessing over lately, via Flickr...